H Properties makes happier places, for happier people.

H Properties makes happier places, for happier people.

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We don’t just want our customers to be happy, we want them to be super happy! So we created a special hideaway of happiness called Happy Moment.

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H Properties is a property investment and asset management firm focused on providing better places for people to work better, feel better and ultimately live better.

Our motto is Happier Places, Happier People.

Happier People

Happier People

A happier world starts with happier people. That’s why we strive to create an environment with premium amenities and a welcoming atmosphere that helps people feel happy.

Whether they are our customers, our partners or our own people, we're all part of the same H Properties family, a family that passionately encourages and helps with leading healthier and happier lives.

Happier Places

Happier Places

We work hard to make all our properties warm and welcoming with our signature hospitality and excellent standards of service. We create healthy environments that are greener, fresher and more sustainable. And we design smarter buildings that enrich people's lives. Our goal is to make places that people enjoy being in so they feel happier.

Happier Ideas

Happier Ideas

We are passionate in our pursuit of making people happy. We have created a culture of innovation, in which we are always looking for new ways to help people live more happily, and make their working world a better, more rewarding place.

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Happy News

SCMP’s Interview with H Properties’ CEO

24 Mar 2023

South China Morning Post, one of Hong Kong’s leading media, interviewed Mr. Ryan Ng, CEO of H Properties, who elaborated on the brand story as well as our investment strategy. We hope that we can bring more people happier working and living spaces filled with super happiness in the future.


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Sky Garden Reaching The 10 Million Visitor Milestone

Mar 2023

The Sky Garden on top of 20 Fenchurch Street reached the 10 million visitor milestone. It has become a must-see tourist attraction in London since opening in 2015 and now draws over 3,000 visitors every day.

H Properties Awarded “Happy Company 5 years+” Logo

Feb 2023

H Properties was authorized by the Hong Kong Promoting Happiness Index Foundation to use the “Happy company 5 years+” logo throughout 2023. This marks the fifth consecutive year that our company has received this honor, indicating the third-party organization’s recognition of our efforts in actively promoting and developing a happy working environment to improve employees’ happiness index.

Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza Awarded The Luban Prize

11 Jan 2023

Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza successfully won the Luban Prize, the most prestigious architectural honor in China. The Luban Prize is awarded every two years, known as the “Oscar in the field of China’s architectural quality”. Winning the award means that the construction quality of the plaza has reached an advanced level in China.

Shanghai Infinitus Mall Honored the “Modern Landmark of the Year” Award

5 Jan 2023

Shanghai Infinitus Mall won the “Modern Landmark of the Year” award at the “BACAO Life Guides 2022” annual event hosted by BACAO, one of Shanghai’s leading new media. In 2022, Shanghai Infinitus Mall had been actively expanding its online marketing channels through social media. The shops along the street on the first floor gained excellent online reputation and attracted more people to come and consume after brand optimization, thus winning the award.

Shanghai Infinitus Mall Awarded “Best Fashion Shopping Centre”

17 Nov 2022

In the 8th “The Best BANG Awards – City Life 2023” held by Shanghai BANG, Shanghai Infinitus Mall won the award of “Urban Shopping Landmark – Best Fashion Shopping Centre” for its excellent performance in actively responding to the CSR event of “Let’s Protect Shanghai”, innovatively expanding the use of new media and optimizing the brand tenants in the Mall in 2022.

Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza Honoured “Architecture MasterPrize 2022”

Nov 2022

Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza won the “Architecture MasterPrize 2022 – Mixed Use Architecture”. The Architecture MasterPrize™ honours innovative designs in the disciplines of architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture with the goal of advancing the appreciation of high quality architecture worldwide.

Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza Honoured Three Prizes from “Build4Asia Awards 2022”

17 Nov 2022

Relying on its unique appearance design, ecofriendly and low-carbon materials as well as the high-quality office space, Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza won three big prizes from “Build4Asia Awards 2022” – Outstanding Architecture Award (Gold), Outstanding Interior Design Award (Silver) and My Favourite Architecture Project (online voting).

Hong Kong Infinitus Plaza Winning Silver Award of “Best Green Practice in Malls”

Nov 2022

Hong Kong Infinitus Plaza won the Silver Award of “Best Green Practice in Malls” from “Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance Award 2022” organized by Hong Kong Green Building Council. The panel recognised the Plaza’s innovative solutions to minimise environmental impact and efforts in raising community concern on sustainability.

Hong Kong Infinitus Plaza Winning Excellent Award of “HKIFM Excellence in FM Award 2022 (Office Building)”

Nov 2022

Hong Kong Infinitus Plaza won the Excellent Award of “HKIFM Excellence in FM Award 2022 (Office Building)” thanks to its excellent performance in integrating the building, service and people, to name a few – applying smart technologies, taking Green initiatives and building a happy customer experience team.

Hong Kong Infinitus Plaza Honoured “Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards 2021”

17 Aug 2022

Hong Kong Infinitus Plaza won the “Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards 2021” issued by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, which represented the high recognition of third-party organizations for Infinitus Plaza’s continuous efforts in promoting environmental protection.

Infinitus Plaza Water Supply Reaches Gold Standard

Apr 2022

Hong Kong Infinitus Plaza received the “Quality Water Supply Scheme for Buildings – Fresh Water (Management System)” Gold award from the Water Supplies Department thanks to its excellent water supply system.

H Properties Authorised to Display Happy Company Logo

Mar 2022

H Properties Limited was authorised by the Hong Kong Promoting Happiness Index Foundation to use the “Happy Company” logo within a specified scope from 1 January to 31 December 2022. This is the fourth consecutive year that our company has been honoured with the right to use the Logo, which reflects the recognition of third-party organisations for our company’s continuous efforts to create a happy working environment and improve our employees’ happiness index.

20 Fenchurch Street Happy to Receive the Prestigious WELL Rating

Feb 2022

our iconic building, 20 Fenchurch Street, was certified with the WELL Health-Safety Rating for Facility Operations and Management by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). The certification is a good proof that our property management team has been always prioritising the health and safety of staff, occupants and visitors and preparing the building for a safe and confident post-COVID-19 return of staff to the office.

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H Properties in a Nutshell

Established in 2015

Invested in London, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Hong Kong

The overall Customer Satisfaction Rating in 2021 was over 8/10