Terms of Service for the website

Updated on [27, January, 2022]

Terms of Service for the website https://www.h-properties.com, its associated services, events, products and information provided by H Properties Limited and its related companies (“H PROPERTIES”) 

User must read the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”) carefully. All the contents of these Terms of Service apply to the use of this Website and control all aspects of any access to and use of the Website. User not being aware of or having read the contents of the Terms of Service shall not constitute a defense. If User does not agree, you should not use the Website or the services/information provided by H PROPERTIES. 

In the Terms of Service: 

The “Website” refers to “https://www.h-properties.com”. “https://www.h-properties.com”, the “Website” and “H PROPERTIES LIMITED” can be used interchangeably. “User” or “you” refers to the person(s) or organization(s) that accesses or uses the Website.  This Website is for the purpose of providing general information about H PROPERTIES. H Properties regularly reviews the Website and makes changes and updates where it deems appropriate. 

Accessing the Website 

By accessing this Website, the pages contained on it, and the information and material contained or described herein (together the “Information”), you acknowledge your agreement with, and understanding of, the following terms and conditions. If you do not understand, accept or agree to them, please do not use this Website or download any information or materials from it. 

Exclusion of liability 

While H Properties endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the Information, H Properties does not give any representation or warranty, whether express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, timeliness or completeness of the Information, or absence of computer viruses nor as to the appropriateness of the Information for any use which you may choose to make of it and accepts no responsibility for updating any part of the Information. H Properties does not accept any liability for any error, omission or misrepresentation in relation to the Information or for any loss, damage, cost or expense (whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise) suffered by you of this Information or any other person as a result of any use of the Website or reliance upon any information or statement of any kind contained herein. The information is provided by H Properties on an “as is” basis and for informational purposes only and is not intended to create any relationship (whether contractual or otherwise) with you nor be regarded as providing you with any advice or recommendation and you should not rely on such information for any purpose. H Properties does not accept any responsibility or liability arising as a result of or relating to this Website or the information contained in it to the full extent permissible by law. 

Use of the Website / Use of Information 

You shall not use the Website in any way that is fraudulent or unlawful. The Information is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person or entity in any jurisdiction or country where such distribution or use would be contrary to law or regulation. 

You may not distribute, modify, transmit, re-use, re-post or use the contents of this Website (or any part of them) for public, commercial or any purposes other than personal reference without H Properties’ prior written permission. 

User does not acquire any rights or licences in or to the Website other than the limited right to utilise the Website in accordance with this Terms of Service. 

Email, Internet and Downloading 

Email messages sent to us over the internet cannot be guaranteed to be completely secure. We are not responsible for any damages incurred by users if they send a message to us, or if we send a message to them at their request, over the internet

We do not represent or warrant that this Website will be available and meet your requirements, or that access will not be interrupted, or that there will be no delays, failures, errors or omissions or loss of transmitted data or information, or that no viruses or other contaminating or destructive properties will be transmitted or that no damage will occur to your computer system. You have the sole responsibility for ensuring adequate protection and back-up of data, information and/or equipment and for undertaking appropriate precautions to scan for computer viruses or other destructive properties. We make no representations or warranties as regards the accuracy, functionality or performance of any third party software that may be used in connection with this Website. In no event shall we be liable or have any responsibility for damages, losses or expenses of any kind, whether direct, indirect, special, consequential or incidental, resulting from access or use of, or inability to access or use, this Website. 

Internet Security 

When accessing the Website you should be aware that the internet is generally not regarded as a secure environment, and that data sent via the internet can be accessed by unauthorized third parties, potentially leading to disclosures, changes in content or technical failures. Data sent via the internet may be transmitted across international borders even though both sender and receiver are located in the same country. H Properties does not accept any responsibility or liability for the security of data whilst in transit via the internet. 

The Website may contain certain links or resources that are not operated or prepared by H Properties. Activating links on the Website may cause you to leave the Website. Such links are provided solely for your convenience and information. H Properties has not reviewed any of the websites linked with or connected to the Website and using links on or to the Website is at your own risk and we will not accept responsibility for them or be liable for any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with your use of them. 

IP Rights 

H Properties has the absolute and full ownership and intellectual property rights of all the content on the Website, or has obtained the authorization from the owners of the content including: texts, pictures, graphics, photographs, software, audio clips, images, and all content of the advertisements, as well as all content issued by the Website in the form of notice (the “Website’s Content”). All Content is subject to the protection of copyright, trademark, property rights and other intellectual property rights related legislations. User can only use the Website’s Content with the authorization of H Properties and the corresponding owners, and are not allowed to copy, edit, redirect and distribute the Website’s Content without such authorization, or to allege or claim ownership of the Website’s Content in any form, or create derivative products related to the Website’s Content. Furthermore, the Website’s Content cannot be used for any products or services which may deceive or misrepresent to the public or that may undermine the service provided by the Website. 

Without the written consent of H Properties, User cannot modify the Website’s Content in any way, nor can User copy or download the Website’s Content, data or information of the Website for resale, commercial use or gain. 

Liability for Breach 

If User does not comply with any provisions of the Terms of Service, H Properties has the right to immediately cease the provision of service to User, and reserves the right to take any necessary legal action. 

User agrees to indemnify H Properties in full for any attorney’s fees, court costs, adjudicative fees, appraisal fees, administrative costs etc. incurred by H Properties arising from User’s breach of the Terms of Service and/or rectification for the same

The Website has established a dispute settlement mechanism. User and H Properties agree to endeavor to resolve and settle any dispute through friendly negotiations between User and H Properties regarding any disputes arising from the Terms of Service and the use of the Website. If the parties fail to achieve a satisfactory result through negotiation, any party may choose to submit the dispute to the courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“HKSAR”). The laws of the HKSAR shall govern the Terms of Service and exclude any conflicts of laws provision. If any term is in conflict with the law, such provision shall be re- interpreted to the extent in compliance with the law while other provisions shall remain unchanged and in full force and effect. 

Governing law and jurisdiction 

This Terms of Service, together with all our policies and procedures, are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of HKSAR. The relevant courts of HKSAR will have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of any dispute or claim associated with this Terms of Service. 

If any provisions of the Terms of Service are ruled wholly or partially invalid or unenforceable for whatever reasons, the remaining provisions shall remain valid and binding

The headings in the Terms of Service are for reference only and shall not affect the actual implications and the effectiveness of the Terms of Service

In case of discrepancies between the English and (Traditional and Simplified) Chinese versions of this Terms of Service, the English version shall apply and prevail.
The Terms of Service takes effect upon the date of publication.