Si Li Ji Ren

This is our core value and is also our original aspiration to help people to enjoy “Super Happiness”. It is a Chinese term that means “considering the collective benefit before self-interest”. It consists of 3 elements: Take A Helicopter View; Think From Others’ Perspectives; Care About Others’ Feelings.

Autopilot Leadership Model

Originating from Lao Zi’s doctrine, Dao De Jing, the “Autopilot Leadership Model” is inspired by the concept of the “Invisible Leader”. It aims to unleash the full potential of employees and ultimately achieve business sustainability, ensuring we could spread happiness to more people in a long run.  It includes six key elements: Choosing the Right Talent, High Trust Environment, Highly Effective Team, Common Goal, Effective Empowerment, Coaching and Developing Talent.

Constant Entrepreneurship

This is our overall corporate spirit, it is also the inexhaustible driving force for us to continue to innovate and find new ways to make people happier, and it has 4 facets: 6677 (Go when you're 66-77% ready, or you may miss out); Break Through and Innovate; Defy Limitations; Be Effectiveness-Oriented.

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“5+1+Others” Super Happiness

We believe that true happiness depends on a simple formula. The first “5”, means to take care of our health, family, work, friends and our own leisure time. The next “1”, means to reframe our mindset and take a helicopter view. And finally, “Others” means we must always be open-minded and keep co-creating with different people to find other paths to happiness.   

Quality of Life in Workplace

As we witness global corporations implementing policies & services aimed at improving the well-being of employees, H Properties commissioned NielsenIQ, a global market research firm, to conduct a study to better understand the workplace well-being landscape in Hong Kong. The survey was conducted in 2021-2022. Our ambition is to help the property industry plan & prepare for the future.

Our findings